Expect the best with Dayton tires  

October 31, 2003

By: Kristen McCarthy
Website: http://www.buying-tires.com

Expect the best with Dayton tires

Do you need to replace your balding tires? Dayton tires can offer you great deals on new tires, which have the same construction as your old ones. The best part about dayton tires is their customer service, and dedication to providing tire safety advice.

When you buy your replacement tires from dayton tires, they may offer some advice as well. For instance, did you know that your replacement tires should always equal the carrying capacity of the original tires? Or that the speed capabilities of your new tires should also match the originals?

Your new dayton tires should have a 10% greater max load rating than the originals on your car. If your not sure about which tires your car needs, check out more information online.

Bridgestone, Firestone & Dayton are made for great quality and lasting service.

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