Cooper tires set the standard for excellence  

Cooper tires set the standard for excellence

Cooper has been making tires since 1914, and is still US based, but now has manufacturing sites around the world.

Cooper has lines for both cars and light trucks.

Tire Name At Sears? At Discount Tire?
Cobra Radial GT Yes Yes
CS4 Touring Yes Yes
GFE Yes Yes
Lifeliner GLS Yes Yes
Response Touring Yes No
Trendsetter SE Yes Yes
WeatherMaster S/T 2 Yes Yes
WeatherMaster WSC Yes Yes
Zeon 2XS No Yes
Zeon RS3 Yes Yes
Zeon RS3-A Yes Yes
Zeon RS3-S Yes Yes
Zeon Sport A/S No Yes
Zeon ZPT Yes Yes

As you can see from the table above, you can buy Cooper at Sears and Discount Tire. Neither Costco or Wal-mart carry Cooper's right now.

Cobra Radial GT is an all season performance tire that is known for its look, with the classic raised white lettering, which makes it popular with muscle car owners. The Cobra Radial G/T has a 50,000 mile warranty.

CS4 Touring is an all season tire that is designed for a balance of traction, sporting handling and quietness. The CS4 has a 60,000 mile warranty.

GFE is a low rolling resistance tire. This means that it's designed to reduce energy used as it rolls down the road, making your vehicle have better gas milage. The GFE comes with a 60,000 mile warranty.

Lifeliner GLS is an all season touring tire that is designed for even tread wear, while maintaining a quiet ride. The Lifeliner comes with a 65,000 mile warranty.

Trendsetter SE is an entry level all season tire, designed to keep it cost low. The Trendsetter comes with a 65,000 mile warranty.

WeatherMaster S/T 2 is a studdable winter tire.

Performance Tires

Cooper Zeon RS3 tires are ultra high performance, so they are designed for grip and handling at the expense of tread life. The RS3-A is the all season version of this performance tire, while the RS3-S is a summer version. They all have a free 45 day road test, for USA only.

Zeon ZPT is an premium level performance all season tire, so it looks like an ultra high performance tire, but is a little bit cheaper, and has slightly lower traction.

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