Falken performance tires put safety first  

October 03, 2004

By: David Parker
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Falken performance tires put safety first

When buying new tires for the family car, SUV, minivan or truck customers want the best. Safety and performance go hand in hand when you shop for Falken tires for your vehicle. Falken offers great products from their dealerships across Canada and the United States. They market top quality Falken tires and wheels in lines for motor sports, luxury sports, street sports, SUV sports and all season performance. They are best known for their ultra high performance radials.

The Falken tires website offers online warranty claim forms as well as an online registration to alert customers of a recall. Look for your registration number on the sidewall of the tire after the word DOT. They believe in a commitment to technological advances, developing innovative products and are committed to running their company as an environmentally sound venture.

Falken tires is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. Dealers are trained to assist customers in choosing a tire that is correct for the vehicle and the type of driving a customer will be involved in. Most cars today will have owner’s manuals or stickers that remind customers of the original tire size, tire inflation recommendations and vehicle weight. Falken offers some technical information on its web site to assist customers in moving to a plus size tire for better performance.

If you drive in the winter or summer, city or highway, stop and start or long trips your choices in tires vary. By dealing with a knowledgeable retailer from Falken tire you can have the best equipment and the best deal in car tires. They are dedicated in finding the best fit for your driving needs.

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