National tire and battery  

October 05, 2004

By: David Parker

National tire and battery

National tire and battery have some very good advice for those customers that are not sure whether its time to buy new tires or not. Many tires have tread wear indicator bars. National tire and battery state if you can see a solid bar of rubber flush with two adjacent ribs of the tread your tire needs replacing. If your tires do not have an indicator bar its time to pull out an American penny, place it in a tire tread with Lincoln's head upside down and facing you. If Lincolnís head is visible itís time to go shopping for new tires.

When shopping for new tires customers should check their ownerís manual or the sticker or metal plate attached to the edge of the door. Although the manufacturer states what tires were on the car when it was sold there may be alternate sizes available through consultation with an expert.

National Tire and Battery has a web site with some advice from tire experts. They are in the process of putting their entire tire catalogue online for their customerís convenience. For the time being, there is little content, as you cannot browse products or see prices. A US customer can use the website to find a dealer near them.

National Tire and Battery offers its own credit card that gives itís clients special rebates and coupon offers, low monthly payments, no annual fee, a 10% discount on events and special service and product offers. Print your application, fill it in and get it in the mail for prompt service.

Besides their expertise in tires and batteries, National Tire and Battery also offer great information and products for brakes, shocks and struts, wheels and services in these areas. Shop and compare and youíll come back to National tire and batteries every time.

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