Tire sizes - Educate yourself before switching to low profile tires  

Tire sizes - Educate yourself before switching to low profile tires

Tire sizes are important. While customers will find specifications in their car’s owner’s manual or on a placard on the car door there is some leeway for alternative tires. Today’s cars generally come with one of two tire size standards. P-Metric or Euro-Metric tire sizes. The Euro-Metric System is very similar to the P-Metric System, except in regards to load carrying capacity.

Should I change my tire size?

Increasing the size of your tires is an easy way to increase the performance of your vehical which increases your steering response, cornering ability and your handling. The process of "Plus Sizing" your tires will also give a sporty new look to your ride. Going one size up, "inch up", is common but if you plan on going to higher than that, you should consider talking to an expert about your car.

When sizing tires you will be interested to note that there is a dictionary of tire terms that is impressive including definitions like Aspect Ratio, which is the dimensional relationship between the tire section height and the section width (section height divided by section width). You can learn the specifics of a bias tire, a radial tire, a steel belted tire, winter tire, all season tire or T-rated tires.

There are some very good web sites on tire sizes that will explain in detail the meanings and implications of static loaded radius, rim diameter, overall diameter, overall section width, rim width, section height, section width, and tread width. You can also gain understanding on the standards for tire speed ratings that range from an M class tire rated for 81 MPH or 130 KPH to Y**(ZR) class tires rated for 186 MPH or 300 KPH.

You may not want to know all the details when it comes to selecting tire sizes. Perhaps you just want to talk to an expert so that you get the right tire for your vehicle to keep your family safe. Either way the sources on the Internet are at your fingertips. You can learn more about tire sizes or just make a good deal.

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