For your best all around tire, Nokian tires give you the best ride  

For your best all around tire, Nokian tires give you the best ride

Nokian tires are available in varieties for cars, trucks, vans, industrial vehicles and also come in winter and summer tires. The summer varieties of the tires from Nokian (NRZi, NRVi, and NRHi) feature thermo 2 silica tread compound. With Nokians on your car, you can drive with peace of mind because when the temperature drops the tread will still stay in contact with the road. These tires feature an info pin which is actually a weather indicator. The indicator changes to black when the temperature drops below 34 degrees.

The assymetrical tread design of Nokian tires has an outstanding wet or dry traction whether the roads are wet or dry. They also have a indicator that tells you how many millimeters of wear are left on the treads. They have a jointless nylon belt to ensure that you have a smooth ride.

The Nokian winter tires are actually all weather tires that feature snow traction, slush planning and comfort in knowing that they will stop when the roads are wet. Nokian snow tires carry a “mountain snowflake” designation, which means that they have passed rigid tests to make sure they will stand up in severe weather conditions. Carrying a 50,000 mile tread-wear warranty, many drivers prefer to use them all year round.

The tires from Nokian are designed to work in sets of four, so you don’t need to have two summer tires and two winter tires to achieve the best in driving comfort.

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