Pro Comp Tires feature state of the art production with polyester and steel belting  

November 23, 2004

By: David Parker

Pro Comp Tires feature state of the art production with polyester and steel belting

If you are looking for tires with mild mannered looks, but fantastic ability to perform on rocks and trails, then Pro Comp Tires are for you. These tires manufactured by the Pro Competition Tire Company come in two styles Mud Terrain and All Terrain.

Pro Competition tires have an extremely flexible carcass, which makes them perfect for conforming to rocks, even when run at a relatively high air pressure. They have dual rubber compound, which puts the sticky part in contact with the trail you are riding on and the tougher part adheres to sidewalks for city driving. The sidewall lugs on Pro Comp tires are actually incorporated into the design. As well as adding to the overall appearance of the tire, this feature provides low traction when you are using them under low pressure. The two-ply sidewall belts are thicker and more tightly woven than on other makes of tires which gives you a really tough sidewall. The siping that is present on the center lugs is called Twin Rib Siping Center Traction Zone.

The tires from Pro Comp offer better braking and stability on wet surfaces. They work equally well in mud, snow or sand, in fact any loose surfaces, and yet they are very quiet on the street. This is because of the Vibration Control System which makes the tires run smoothly. The all terrain tires perform amazingly well on grass, overgrown trails and tree branches that are in the way. Pro Comp tires carry a 50,000 mile tread-wear warranty and are reasonably priced to fit your budget.

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