Discount Tires

November 23, 2004

By: David Parker

Discount Tires

Discount Tires is the largest independent seller of tires in North America. Here you will find tires for all makes and models of vehicles. The prices of the tires are unbelievable way below what you would expect to pay at your regular tire retailer.

Discount tires are not second hand or used tires. They are brand new and are suitable for your vehicle. You can compare the prices of the different brand names of tires and choose the ones that are right for your vehicle and your budget. This enables you to get the best price possible when you need to buy new tires.

Discount tires are bought straight from the manufacturer, so the middleman is eliminated allowing the dealer to give you prices that are sometimes below the wholesale price. You can shop at the store and do the comparisons in your head, but it is much easier to shop online where the comparisons of the different prices are in a chart on your screen. When you give the make and year of your vehicle, you will get all the available matches of tires that Discount Tire has that are suitable for the vehicle.

Why continue to pay the high prices for a tire, when you can save a bundle by shopping at Discount tire?

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