Choose The Best  Avon Motorcycle Tires

Choose The Best Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon Motorcycle tires come in several varieties depending on how you want to use them. There are special racing tires designed for racing only. You can choose dual purpose, touring or sport touring as well. Each type of Avon tire has features specific to each variety.

The Distanzia model of the Avon motorcycle tire has an advanced tread pattern specifically designed for offroad operations. These tires are used on larger capacity dual sport machines. The tires are radial construction and provide excellent stability for straight line driving and have an improved grip for turning corners. These Avon tires feature precise handling in all weather conditions.

The touring models of the Avon motorcycle tires feature a unique sequential pattern, which provides an exceptionally smooth ride. The advanced casing technology provides low rolling resistance, cooler running and higher mileage. The special sidewall treatment of the Avon Touring tires features the snake head logo and both narrow and wide white walls. These tires can be either tubeless or tubed.

The Avon Sport Touring tires gave the variable speed density, which allows for an improved dry grip and enhanced stability when driving at high speeds. These tires are made of tougher constriction that gives a higher resistance to punctures, thus giving longer life to the tire.

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