Wear them wet or wear them dry  Bridgestone Tires  

November 23, 2004

By: David Parker
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Wear them wet or wear them dry Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone tires are probably the most popular tire on the market. With tires for virtually every make and model of vehicle and for summer, winter or all weather driving, Bridgestones have a superior performance for snowy and wet conditions.

Each Bridgestone tire features a spiral cap and layer construction for improved uniformity. These tires also contain a soft filler for greater riding comfort. The center groove of the tire minimizes hydroplaning and increases the ability to drive on wet roads.

The Potenza style of the Bridgestone tire features ultra high performance blend wet and dry traction when driving. On the outside, Bridgestone tires have a directional tread design that has notched shoulders, large tread blocks and a continuous center rib that provides good road handling. It also helps to reduce the noise. These Bridgestone Potenza tires are W or Y speed rated and are available in 50 30 series with wheel diameters of 15 to 20 inches.

The Bridgestone Winter Dueler tires feature a directional tread design to help maintain good traction on wet and slush covered roads while its zigzag sipes and independent tread blocks provide the edges to help bite through snow. This tire also has the latest technology from Bridgestone Link Multiwell Compound , which is glass fiber reinforced to enlarge vehicle stability on the road.

Bridgestones give you peace of mind when you have them on your vehicle.

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