For The Best in Comfort, Buy Hankook Tires  

November 23, 2004

By: David Parker

For The Best in Comfort, Buy Hankook Tires

Hankook tires are known for their passenger comfort, their high performance, their light truck dependability and their truck and bus durability in tires. They offer winter, summer and all season tires. The winter tires from Hankook feature an assymetrical pattern designed to respond to slippery road conditions. They have both multi and thin sipes to provide enhanced performance in winter weather driving. The outer longitudinal rib block provides exceptional braking power, especially when turning corners where it is most needed.

The Silica compound of the Hankook tires is combined with multi-circumferential grooves so that there is a solid grip on low rolling surfaces. This feature provides a responsive handling when driving on either wet or dry surfaces. The Hankook all-season tires have an ultra low profile that has a wide footprint providing aggressive handling in tight turns and gives better performance on wet roads. The Hankook triple radius design is innovative in the tread and the use of Silica compound to give the tires superior and precise response that is needed in severe weather conditions.

The Hankook winter tires are able to have studs installed. They have straight and lateral grooves with radial directional and multi-wave performance to give the driver the maximum baking ability in snowy, slushy or slippery conditions. These groove widths of the tires enhance the water drainage, as well as providing a superior grip on the surface of the road.

The summer tires from Hankook have a Y-rated high performance that has been developed with racing tire technology.

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