For Your Summer Tires Try Fuzion Tires  

November 23, 2004

By: David Parker

For Your Summer Tires Try Fuzion Tires

Fuzion tires are designed for summer use. These tires feature a comprehensive tire tread design method that makes them perfect for wet or dry road conditions. The ideal tread design casing method by Fuzion reduces irregular wear on the tires

The tires from Fuzion have a rounder shape providing better handling on the road. They feature Rim Guard which is a raised rubber ridge that acts like a bumper to protect the tires from the sidewalk and curbs. The directional tread design of the Fuzions enhances the resistance to hydroplaning, so drivers do not have to worry in excessive rainy conditions while driving.

Tires from Fuzion are very popular among drivers because of their high performance and affordable price. They provide excellent traction and handling with a minimum of noise. They feature all the characteristics of the higher priced tires and do not wear out as easily.

Whatever the make or model of you vehicle, Fuzion has a tire that will fit. The tires come in sizes of more than thirty 16 20 inch, 30 -60 series. They are rated as W, X, or H to suit all driving needs.

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