Wide Selection From Yokohama Tires  

November 24, 2004

By: David Parker
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Wide Selection From Yokohama Tires

The selection of different styles available from Yokohama Tires canít be beat. Yokohama Tire is a subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Company and is the seventh largest manufacturer of tires in the United States. This Yokohama tire company officially began business in 1969 and has not looked back. With the range of offerings, you can get tires for virtually every make and model of vehicle as well as driving conditions.

You can get Yokohama tires for ultra performance, high performance, racing, passenger vehicles, light trucks, snow tires and all season tires from Yokohama. The all season tires feature a unidirectional tread pattern that has a 20 degree v-groove pattern. This specific feature of the tires from Yokohama provides outstanding performance on wet roads and also provides noise reduction with the 64 pitch tread design. The larger blocks on the tires deliver crisp road handling especially when turning corners.

Yokohama even makes tires specifically for the Canadian market. These tires are designed to meet the demands of drivers in Canadian winter weather conditions. The Yokohama optimized all season compound provides an increased grip and durability. The open block tread design has thousands of biting edges that cut into the water and snow on the roads. Each tire from Yokohama comes with a 130,000 km. warranty.

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