Check Your Local Dealer for Mastercraft Tires

Check Your Local Dealer for Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft tires are manufactured by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company and are sold through independent dealers. There are tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and commercial vehicles. The most popular tires from Mastercraft are the Courser A/T and the Avenger LSR Sport.

The Courser A/T from Mastercraft is designed for light trucks and SUVís. It is the ideal choice for the driver who wants better traction while still keeping the smooth, quiet ride. The tread design of these tires is computer formatted to optimize the tread pattern sequence. The high density tread block sipes and wide chevron grooves of the tires by Mastercraft increase the effectiveness of the gripping edges to give more traction in mud, ice and snow. The dual radius tread arc provides a uniform pressure distribution to give even wear and consistent grip.

The Avenger LSR Sport Mastercraft tire is an ultra high performance tire designed to give serious drivers the agility and performance they demand. These tires have a riveting directional tread design that gives a sporty appearance that adds to the elegance of the vehicle. They feature a black serrated sidewall and high performance handling in all kinds of weather conditions.

All of the Mastercraft designs are developed using state of the art technology. They are engineered to provide a smooth, quiet ride and able to tackle the extremes of driving conditions.

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