Cheap Tires are Just as Good as Expensive Tires

Cheap Tires are Just as Good as Expensive Tires

Many people will not buy cheap tires, while others look for the cheapest price when they are about to make a purchase. Just because tires are cheap does not mean they are not quality tires. Many tire manufacturers produce tires and sell them at cheap rates because they want to have the buyers as long term customers. Once the buyer sees the quality of the tire, they will keep coming back to buy the same brand name even if they do choose a more expensive tire the second time around.

Many dealers offer tires cheaply when they want to get rid of the stockpile they have to make room for newer models of tires. They put the tires they have on sale so that they will sell quickly and clear out the space for more. These tires are well known brands and still carry the same warranty as if they were purchased at regular prices.

There are some dealers who buy from different tire manufacturers and sell the tires at cheap prices as part of their company mission. They buy direct from the factory and eliminate the middleman. This enables them to offer their customers a better price on specific tires.

Misleading Cheap Tires

In order to draw in customers, many stores offer certain tires at below wholesale prices for a limited period of time. Ask for the 'Out the Door' price, as the cost of the installation may not be included in the price of the tire, so the dealer is making up for the low price with mounting, balancing & alignment service fees.

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