How does Sears stack up when it comes to selling tires?

How does Sears stack up when it comes to selling tires?

We took a very common tire in a common size, and compared the price at Costco, Sears, Walmart, Discount Tire, and an online tire store, TireRack and compared prices. Sears had the best price on the tire although with each place you get different benefits.

With Sears, you can buy online, and they ship it to your local store, but you can check availability at your local store for a tire you've selected online, right on their site. Sears also provides you with a phone number for your local store, so you can call and see what they have in stock.

Goodyear's exclusive tires at Sears

The WeatherHandler LS, the Wrangler AP/T and the Eagle TR are exclusively manufactured by Goodyear for Sears tires. You can only purchase them at Sears stores where there is an automotive center and the warranty is handled through Sears as well.

The Eagle tires from Sears feature a One Tread design to give superior handling in dry or wet road conditions without having extra tread wear. They have a sleek European appearance but provide superior performance. They really stick to the road when they get warmed up. They wear well so they do not have to be replaced very often.

The Wrangler tires from Sears are larger and are designed for light trucks. They are excellent for turning corners without squealing because of the solidly built sidewall and will stop on a dime. These are, however, loud and the faster you drive, the louder the humming is that comes from the tires. These Sears Wrangler light truck tires have superior performance on wet roads and rarely slide or spin. The open tread means that you can go through mud or snow easily as they spray away from the tires. You may experience some minor slipping in snow, but overall, they perform well.

As its name suggests, the Weather Handler tire is designed to give peace of mind when driving in all sorts of weather. Those who do a lot of driving will not have any other kind of tire than the Weather Handler from Sears.

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