Douglas ATV Wheels – World Class Leader  

November 26, 2004

By: David Parker

Douglas ATV Wheels – World Class Leader

The Douglas ATV Wheels are the world’s finest after market wheels for all kinds of offroad vehicles such as ago-carts, dune buggies and all terrain vehicles. All the wheels from Douglas are made from 6061 aluminum and are machines precisely according to rigid standards. They are highly treated and polished wheels.

There are several types of wheels you can buy from Douglas – standard, blue label, black label, red label and Ultimate. The blue label Douglas wheels are designed for ordinary use on an ATV and are an inexpensive replacement if you need to have new wheels. The Black label Douglas wheel models are 160 inches thick and made from lightweight aluminum, as are all the other wheels. These wheels are designed for racing, such as motocross, flattrock or TT racing. The red label ATV wheels are heavy duty competition wheels that are 190 inches thick. This type of wheel is designed to hold up under very abusive driving conditions such as in cross country or desert racing.

The Ulimate ATV wheel from Douglas features a rolled beaded construction that eliminates any need for replacement rings. In spite of being lightweight, these Douglas wheels have incredible strength. These wheels also come in several varieties – standard, billet center and beadlock. Wheels for your ATV from Douglas have superior strength designed to endure all terrain demands.

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