Firestone Tires Provide the Ultimate in Rides  

November 26, 2004

By: David Parker

Firestone Tires Provide the Ultimate in Rides

When you purchase Firestone Tires for your vehicle you will get the patented Firestone UNI-T technology designed to improve off road and on road performance. The handling you get in both wet and dry road conditions is superb. These tires have 100,000 km. rating and road hazard protection for Canada only.

For the best in off road performance, you have to try the Destination M/T tire. These tires from Firestone feature a long link carbon enhanced tread compound for spectacular performance on wet surfaces. In addition, they still maintain the resistance to cut, wear and tear for which the tires from Firestone are known.

The firestone tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread design that is composed of deep lugs. The over the shoulder tire design feature of the Firestone brand of tires has alternating width shoulder lugs and a low 23 degrees attack angle. This provides the tire biting edge necessary to dig down and claw at the snow and mud and in so doing generates a lot of pulling power.

Firestone also has Rim Guard tires molded onto the sidewalls to help deflect the debris on the roads away from the tire bead and rim area. All the tires are made with high tensile steel and reinforced cord belts. Firestone’s Dura-Loc 30 (a 3 ply polyester cord) enhances the durability and highway stability.

Author Notes:

David Parker contributes and publishes news editorial to  Firestone Tires

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