Quiet Ride Tires — Tires For Smooth And Soundless Ride  

Quiet Ride Tires — Tires For Smooth And Soundless Ride

Quiet ride tires are famous among all types of riders (especially SUVs), because these tires allow you to ride silently with smooth driving. For those who want a strong, sturdy, yet silent tire that is reliable in any weather, Goodyear has the answer. North America’s largest tire company has recently announced a new Wrangler tire, and Fortera tire, both with the Goodyear-exclusive SilentArmor Technology.

Quiet Ride Tire, Fortera, to achieve its unmatched performance and durability, has SilentArmor Technology, which offers a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, but also employs an Armor Zone. Basically, there are three key features that make up the Armor Zone i.e. a layer made with specially designed fiber called KEVLAR, Goodyear's exclusive Durawall rubber compound sidewall that helps resist punctures and cuts, and specially designed rugged Rim Guard to protect the wheels.

Goodyear Tires For Quiet Ride

Clearly, the best performers from Goodyear are Fortera SilentArmor and Wrangler AP. Quite ride tire from Goodyear Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology, with SUV drivers in mind, offers the perfect blend of utility, toughness and style. Both of these are rugged, quite and silent tires available in the market as of now. A complementary Wrangler featuring Silent Armor Technology is an on/off-road tire that offers toughness and comfort for those who drive pickup trucks.

For those who ramble through life looking for their dream match – at least in truck or SUV tires – the search can be as simple as looking for the shield icon that appears on the sidewall of the newest Goodyear Wrangler and Fortera tires. It easily identifies the SilentArmor Technology that is found within the skin of these new tires. Not only these tires perform excellently on “quiet ride” category, but rate fairly well on other categories like dry traction, wet traction, snow traction, and off-road traction. In sum, these tires are clear winner in quiet, silent and smooth riding, fitting the most popular luxury and mid-value SUVs—at least in the recent time.

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