Kelly High Mileage Tires — Move Some Extra Miles  

Kelly High Mileage Tires — Move Some Extra Miles

Kelly high mileage tires are one of the most popular tires among the long lasting and reliable tires around the world. Another reason of the popularity of Kelly tires is that these are from the world's best tire manufacturer “The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.” and considered to be a signature brand from the company. According to company sources, by using Kelly high mileage tire you may reduce per mile cost along with reduction in waste generation by as much as 50 percent. The scrap tire generation rate was based on tires that averaged about 40,000 miles. It is now possible to buy tires with a tread life of 80,000 miles and more. Buy these high mileage tires you can reduce the waste tire generation rate from 12 million to 6 million tires per year as recorded in Pennsylvania.

We are fortunate at this time but if we turn back a little over 10 years ago, the tread wear life of a tire for a passenger car was typically about 20,000 miles. But, by 1990 the average tread wear life rose to about 40,000 miles. With the advancement of technology in tire manufacturing these days, many tires promised to last as much as 80,000 miles. While high-mileage tires generally cost more initially, the cost per mile often is less than that of lower-mileage tires due to increased gas prices. Consequently, in addition to reducing the generation of scrap tires by as much as 50 percent, buying high-mileage tires saves money and these tires are more convenient and reliable too.

Use Kelly Armorsteel Tires For Success

The American truck industry is considered to be an important factor in economy and tires are the bases for trucking. Kelly tires, a well-known tire brand from Goodyear, is serving the trucking industry with its dependable, long-lasting services with Armorsteel medium truck tires to keep trucker on the track of success. These tires allow a long tire life in all working conditions whether you're in it for the long haul or the short run.

The Kelly Armorsteel KLHA steer tire, available in standard and low profile sizes, features a wear-resistant tread compound and reinforced belt package fortified with super tensile steel belts. This tire replaces the Armorsteel KLHS steer tire. You will get a lot of feature with this tire as: lateral tread grooves improve traction while incorporating a design that promotes extended tread wear. The shoulder rib design includes a pressure distribution groove that decreases initiation of irregular shoulder wear.

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