Unique Tire Components—For Consistently Unique Performance  

Unique Tire Components—For Consistently Unique Performance

Although rubber is the most essential ingredient used for making tires, but there are a number of other unique tire components and materials used as well. These materials are combined with rubber compounds in the different components that make up the tire's construction. Unquestionably, in unique tire component, rubber compounding plays a very vital role and it is like mixing a cake recipe that requires a good mix of art, science and physics. Behind every specific tire such as all-season tires, hi-performance tires and winter tires, rubber compound is the main component as different ingredients are mixed together to produce compounds with special components. For example, outside tread compound provides traction, grip and mileage, similarly rubber located inside the tire adheres to the belt system and helps provide stability to the tread area and stops wear and tears.

Another breakthrough development at Goodyear is use of special volcanic sand, which is one of the key elements in the new TripleTred Technology tires. This volcano sand is used in the tire’s Ice Zone to create a rough surface on the tread face. Actually, the volcanic sand components presents microscopic cavities that work as tiny traction edges for better grip on slick surfaces. Sand is used as ground pumice material in the rubber component to provide constantly rough and textured surface for better grip. Basically, TripleTred means triple tread as the tire features three zones – Water Zone, Ice Zone and Dry Zone. So tire is equally comfortable to run on any kind of weather and always gives superior traction and firm grip on any surface.

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