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  • Michelin Harmony: the all-season tire
    When you’re driving with your family in poor weather conditions, the reliability of your tires can be a major concern. Will the tire ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey? Perhaps the designers of Harmony tires from Michelin had all these considerations in mind when they designed tires to suit all kinds of weather conditions. Be it a rainy day or a snowy one, harmony tires from Michelin strive to keep all problems at a distance.
    Author: David Parker - Date: April 24, 2005

  • Enjoy the ride with Michelin motorcycle tires.
    All motor bikers are well acquainted with Michelin motorcycle tires for their smooth and safe performance. Andre & Edouard Michelin founded the Company in 1889 and, from then onwards, Michelin tires have always occupied the top position in the tire world due to their superior performance, innovative designs (Pax system), cutting-edge technology and their ability to travel roads safely and efficiently. The company also produces tires for cars, bicycles, RV’s, SUV’s, vans, pick-ups, heavy trucks, earthmovers, agriculture machines and also caters to the aviation sector.
    Author: David Parker - Date: May 1, 2005

  • Michelin HydroEdge: a premium all season tire for Passenger Cars.
    The Michelin HydroEdge Tire is a premium versatile tire designed to run in all seasons for family coupes, sedans and minivans. The Michelin HydroEdge’s silica enhanced tread compound on the outer side is made with full-depth sipes, which give exceptional grip on dry and wet roads hence making it an all weather tire.
    Author: David Parker - Date: May 15, 2005

  • Innovative Auto Tires — Tires Of New Age
    When it comes to innovative auto tires more and more companies are coming forward with latest offerings to meet ever-expending demands of vehicle owners. Undoubtedly in the area of innovative tires Michelin has performed a very important role. Almost every coming year the company presents something unique to its automobile customers. Generally, an innovative auto tire is made after several inventions and hard work, so it is comparatively more expensive for the car than others.
    Author: David Parker - Date: August 7, 2005

  • Michelin Winter Tires — For Special Weather Conditions
    Michelin winter tires help deliver extreme grip on ice and snow, excellent braking and handling, and exceptional confidence in challenging winter driving conditions without compromising the tread life of the tires. Basically winter tires are those specifically designed tires which provide increased traction on snow and ice or in extreme cold weather conditions. Good winter tires are differentiated from their all-season counterparts in look and feel due to their tread pattern and rubber compound used. For example, new Michelin X-Ice and Michelin Latitude X-Ice are some of the top rated winter tires to help every driver to overcome ice and snow covered roads.
    Author: David Parker - Date: November 20, 2005

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