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  • Mickey Thompson tires make you glide even on the roughest road
    The name Mickey Thompson is really big in the world of Road Racing. However, his triumphs are not only limited to Racing. He’s made an enormous contribution to the marketing of the finest brand of tires. The SUV/Truck tires and The Baja Radial MTX (of Cooper Tire) are some of the items that Mickey Thompson tires deal. The highly admired model called "Side biters" will make you feel like a champion on the road. Be it snow or rain, nothing's going to stop your vehicle.
    Author: David Parker - Date: May 8, 2005

  • Goodyear Truck Tires – A Pioneer In Tiring Trucks
    Goodyear Wrangler truck tiresGoodyear truck tires are the perfect choice for trucks that carry heavy loads, and travel on any road surface. A smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride comes only with a truck tire from Goodyear. These excellent on and off road tires from Goodyear feature triple tread zone for a better ride. The deep, wide grooves in the center of the tire improve wet road handling, steering and tracking stability. Hefty tread lugs and a squared-off inside shoulder improve traction in rain or snow during acceleration and braking. Goodyear SUV tires are designed for low noise and operate equally well in a highway/metro environment or on a beach or back road situation requiring good traction. Reinforced sidewalls on the tire give quick steering response with less effort. Computer optimized tread design and superior tire technology are what goes into making Goodyear truck tires very comfortable, dependable and versatile.

    Checking Your Tires:

    Author: David Parker - Date: June 18, 2006

  • Wear Resistant Tires — High Mileage And Durability
    Wear resistant tires are the most demanded tires among truckers (mainly heavy duty trucks) because the wear resistant tire promises a longer lifespan and lesser cost per mile (more miles per tire). Truckers who want truly authentic wear resist, long life tires can purchase their resistant tires form well-known brand Kelly Tires. Kelly Tire is a signature brand of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. In the form of Kelly tires, Goodyear has introduced a new steer tire that offers fleets excellent miles-to-removal, with improved handling, resistance and retreadability. Lateral tread grooves improve traction while incorporating a design that promotes extended tread wear. The shoulder rib design includes a pressure distribution groove that will resist initiation of irregular shoulder wear and abrasion.
    Author: David Parker - Date: July 3, 2005

  • Tire Pressure Monitors — Keep Check On Tires Inflation
    Tire pressure monitors are just electronic sensor tools that monitor the air pressure of your tire. In the tire pressure monitor, a set of precision pressure sensors constantly monitor the tire pressure and can detect the smallest changes in the pressure while your truck tires are in motion. Improper tire pressure may lead to untimely burst out of the tires and may cause early damage and more wear and tear. Wireless sensors send readings to a driver-friendly monitor panel showing the precise tire pressure or inflation of each truck tire.
    Author: David Parker - Date: July 31, 2005

  • Bridgestone Deep Tread Tires — For Extra Tread Life & Grip
    The Bridgestone deep tread tires have gained much attention these days due to their exceptional quality and durability. Their exceptionally deeper 32/32" tread makes them one of the deepest drives in the industry. Bridgestone deep tread tire is built for long-life and offers better than average traction and grip in rain and snow. According to the company sources, the new M726 EL is built to deliver remarkably high removal miles, lower cost per mile, outstanding traction and legendary treads on tandem drive axle tractors. Bridgestone uses very high quality materials, rubber compounds and construction techniques that are otherwise invisible, but very useful and beneficial for treads once on the road with a load.
    Author: David Parker - Date: August 21, 2005

  • Rugged Truck Tires — Tires For Dual Performance
    Rugged truck tires are always in high demand from truck drivers and fleet owners due to obvious reasons. Although, most of their driving is on the road, but truck owners want the capability to drive on any terrain and tires suitable for both on/off road performance. The rugged truck tire is meant for safe , comfortable ride and to have enough toughness to take on the everyday unexpected hassles, whether on or off the road. Expectations are really higher from these truck and SUV tires, as drivers want them to be tough to bear any stress and less wear and tear, but at the same time they wish that these tires should ride as smooth and comfortable as passenger car tires. Undoubtedly, when it comes to high performance and durable truck and SUV tires Goodyear and BFGoodrich are leaders around the world. Every year trucks and SUV companies are launching new products with innovative features and latest technologies to the market to satisfy their customers.
    Author: David Parker - Date: December 4, 2005

  • Dually Truck Tires—Increase The Load Capacity
    The trend of dually truck tires is increasing as there is great demand of heavy vehicles in the market. A dually truck tire is well suited in heavy load conditions as in mines and construction sites. Experts feel that there is a great opportunity in the replacement market for larger diameter tires for dual rear-wheeled trucks and not only these tires look great but they are even better for load bearing capabilities. People who have original fitments of 16’ tires in their pickup trucks and vans are also switching to larger and wider tires due to additional benefits and safety. Dually truck owners must also know their tire ratings compared to their actual load. Even these pickups get overloaded and require upgrading stock tire sizes, but they have the added wrinkle of needing to watch for things like being sure the dual tires do not rub together under load.
    Author: David Parker - Date: January 29, 2006

  • Multipurpose Tire Changers—Change Tires Easily
    The tire changing process may seem a daunting task, but with the help of multipurpose tire changers the process becomes simple and hazardless. With their help there is no need for second person to get involved, as a single operator can change tires of heavy duty trucks, light trucks, SUVs, cars and even motorcycles easily and conveniently. Literally there are countless companies which produce different types of multi-purpose tire changers differing in their cost and complexities and ease of use. A uniquely designed good quality multipurpose tire changer can solve all your tire changing problems. There are many variants of tire changers such as pneumatic tire changers, hydraulic tire changers, handy tire changers, ground mounted tire changers, and more. So depending upon your exact requirements you have great options to choose from.
    Author: David Parker - Date: April 23, 2006

  • Tackle The Travels On Toyo Truck Tires
    Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. is the fifth-largest tire manufacturer in the world. For over 50 years, Toyo has been a world leader in the development of technologically advanced tires in design and production. Toyo truck tires are well known for their reliability, long wear and casing durability.
    Author: David Parker - Date: December 2, 2004

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