Discount Tire Company - The biggest tire store gets reviewed here!

Discount Tire Company - The biggest tire store gets reviewed here!

Discount tire claims to be America's biggest tire store since 1960.

Discount Tire Co. has an informative website where you can find out what size of tire & wheel you need for your car and then buy them online, once you've selected their nearest store location. You can also read their useful tire "Info Center" information.

Of course being the biggest tire store means that you carry all the big brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Cooper etc. With all kinds of Car, truck, and SUV tires, you may be surprised to see some Golf cart tires in there, but you will, as well as a large selection of utility trailer tires.

Since they also sell wheels, many of their best deals are on tire & wheel packages. However, you can only see what the deal is online, but you can't buy the package until you go down to your local Discount tire store.

What Discount tire stores don't have

Discount Tire co. have tire reviews from customers on some tire models, but are not as complete as Tire Rack for the number of reviews, and are limited to a five star overall rating for display.

You won't find them selling motorcycle tires, or Toyo brand tires. Why? I don't know!


If you have a nearby Discount tire, then shopping online through their website does make sense. You can get them to mount & balance your tires for Free, and they are shipped to you for Free! You have to take these steps into account when you buy from other sources online, on what the total cost is to you!
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