Heading off road - get the right off road tires for your ATV or truck

Heading off road - get the right off road tires for your ATV or truck

Are you in the market for off road tires? When you need tough OTR (off the road) tires the Internet is a great place to shop. Off road tires are made with top quality casings, are designed for great traction, and are built tough to resist punctures and gouges. To keep your vehicle on the move in the mud, you can check out Interco top rated Super Swamper series.

What should I look for to replace my off road tires, and maybe wheels?

First you should know what terrain you plan on driving. Looking for aggressive Mud Tires? Then look for M/T on the tire, and often in the name, like the Bridgestone Dueler M/T. Likewise, All terrain tires that are good for light off road use, and not too noisy on the highway are usually noted with an A/T on the tire. Second is the external diameter of your wheel and tire assembly. Big tires means higher clearance, but puts your center of gravity higher, which increases your chances of rolling. If you go for bigger tires it is a wise move to increase the size of your wheels as well. Next is your tread width. Match this to the type of terrain you ride on, narrower tires for mud and wider tires for sand. Also if you ride in mud a tread design with large voids will be helpful to dig in and get some traction.

Off road truck tires will wear more quickly if used on the road. If your vehicle spends much time off and on the road perhaps you should be looking at an All Terrain tire.

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