The Privacy Policy of  

The Privacy Policy of

Privacy is important to us at The following is the Privacy Policy for this site, which demonstrates our commitment to privacy and security. It is written in simple language, as we know tires not legal mumbo jumbo (which nobody can or wants to read).

Log Files:

The server logs are files generated by all websites about the visitors. We do not collect any extra data beyond the standard log files, and all servers by default collect this data.The logs keep track of your IP address, the time you visited the page, which page you visited, which page you came from and which browser you are using. As webmasters, we use this data to see what our most popular pages are, and what our visitors are interested in next after viewing a page. We can use this data to try and make our site easy to navigate, and show our visitors the content that is most popular. We may share the combined data with third parties, such as how many visitors we had last month, but we do not share the individuals data.

Consumer Reviews:

We conduct surveys & reviews to get real consumer feedback on the different tires you use, and how well they have worked for you. This data is important information that helps us improve the information on this website, and helps our visitors make informed decisions on tire purchases. During the surveys, we do not collect personal information, and should you provide personal information through the general comments, your personal information will be kept confidential. The non personal information may be combined with other consumer reviews before it is displayed on our site.

Legal Action:

As a policy, we do not use or share information about our visitors other than those described above. However, Buying Tires may be obligated or required to disclose personal information to meet moral or legal requirements such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or government requests. Cookies:

We do not set cookies, however we may at some point in the future.

Advertising Cookies:

The content on is free for everyone thanks to the advertising revenue. The ads are usually relevant, and helps our visitors find products and services that they need that aren't provided by this website. The use of third party advertising allows us to be unbiased in our reviews and comments in the content of this site.

We use Google as our 3rd party advertising, and Google is always up to something new. Google uses cookies to serve our ads. They are using cookies that allow them to serve ads to you based on your interests as determined by the content you view on both our website, and other websites you visit. For example, if you regularly visit sports websites, Google may determine that you are a 'sports enthusiast' and display appropriate ads to you. There is a way of opting out of Google's Interest based advertising, if you are concerned.

Data Security:

We try to make every effort to make sure that your data is completely safe, but no system is 100% hacker proof, and there is always a chance that your data will be illegally stolen by a hacker from this site, or any other website on the internet. For this reason, we try to keep as little personal information about our visitors on the server as possible.


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