Learn all you can about safe tire ratings with this informative online guide to automobile tire ratings and tire speed ratings.

Learn all you can about safe tire ratings with this informative online guide to automobile tire ratings and tire speed ratings.

Finding quality tires for your vehicle comes down to more than just a hot brand name.

In fact, its important to find out the rating on your tire to assure that you are purchasing the best tire for your vehicle type.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created tire ratings on all wheel brands, so you can identify important safety and durability aspects on your tires.

The major aspects which a tire rating will focus on are the treadware, traction, and temperature of a tire.

On the sidewall of each tire are stats about performance standards on radial tire features, like:

  • Size
  • Load
  • Inflation
  • Construction

One major aspect of your tire rating is the treadware, which compares how durable and long lasting a tire actually is.

For instance, the treadware rating is calculated with a grade of 100. This means that you may see any grade from 100, 200, 300, to even 600.

When the grading is higher this means that the tread will last longer than a tire with a lower number.

Although a tread grading comes in handy, its always important to consider other elements to maintaining the life of your tread. For instance, inflation pressure is an aspect that greatly contributes to tread life.

Another major aspect to a tires rating is the traction, which allows a tire to stop safely on wet pavement.

Traction grading is quite simple; AA, A, B, or C, which the AA rating being the highest and most ideal.

The temperature rating of a tire refers to the heat resistance of your rubber material. You will want your tires to stay cool on long rides, as it is important to your safety.

For a good idea on the heat resistance or temperature rating of your tires, look for a high grade A for quality.

Remember that its never a good idea to purchase a set of tires that is below a C rating.

Before you purchase a new set of tire, looking over the entire rating system on that particular design while prove to be very important in the long run.

Tire Speed Ratings

Its equally important to pay attention to the speed rating of your tires, as it holds some very pertinent information about the overall performance of your wheels.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) utilizes a load/speed index code, which allows you to determine the correct size of tire you should purchase.

For instance, a tire speed rating will inform you about the weight or load amount a particular set of tires can hold at high speeds.

Heres a look at the grade ratings that are used to indicate the top speed a tire can safely operate at:

  • Mup to81 mph (130kph)
  • Nup to 87 mph (140 kph)
  • P up to93 mph (150 kph)
  • Q up to99 mph (160 kph)
  • R up to106 mph (170 kph)
  • S up to112 mph (180 kph)
  • T up to118 mph (190 kph)
  • U up to124 mph (200 kph)
  • H up to130 mph (210 kph)
  • V up to149 mph (240 kph)
  • Z speeds above 149mph (240 kph)

The Z rating turned out to be to vague, and so two more ratings were added:

  • W up to168 mph (270 kph)
  • Y up to186 mph (300 kph)

The load/speed index code will usually appear after the size marking on a tire, compromised by two numbers and a letter.

For instance, 67H is an example of a load/speed index code.

The numbers on this code refer to the maximum load carrying capacity of your tires. The letter that is used in conjunction refers to the speed rating, or maximum speed your tire can endure under load and inflation pressure.

Taking the time to check out the tire rating and the speed rating on your tires will greatly aid you in maintaining a top performance vehicle.

Not to mention that the safety of you and your passengers will be well cared for when you refer to tire ratings as a way to purchase the correct set of tires.

I hope youve found this informative online article on tire ratings helpful, please check out the rest of this site for more great tips on wheels and rims.

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