Tractor tires: hardwearing & dependable

Tractor tires: hardwearing & dependable

Tractor tires for your farm machinery or lawn equipment are now identified by their metric size. This has brought us into step with the rest of the world in standardizing farm tractor and lawn tractor tires. If you need tires for your lawn garden tractor, front tractor, or for your cultivator, harvester or flail you can be sure of finding them online at great prices.

For new orusedreplacementtires, you should readboth the pros and cons of radial tires to decide if they are right for you. With radial farm tractor tires you may reduce fuel consumption, increase productivity, reduce slipping, increase drawbar pull, and extend tire life. However, you may also experience more sway as your speed increases. That affects your transport handling characteristics and cultivation control. You will find radials are less forgiving of abuse and cost a few more dollars than bias-ply tires.

You can find all the tires you need from Kelly-Springfield online. Kelly tractor tires not only offer farm tires for sale, but with over 100 years of experience can offer you the best advice on loads, tires for farm and lawn tractors, and wholesale farm tires. Check out the tremendous online selection of rear tires from 8.3 X 24 to the massive 18.4R46. Fronttires from 4.0 X 12 to the 16.5L x 16.1. Enjoy great prices when you shop online for your farm and lawn tractor.

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