A buyers guide to trailer tires - Who makes them, and Where to get them

A buyers guide to trailer tires - Who makes them, and Where to get them

Special Trailer Service Tires have a different, more sturdy construction than typical passenger tires. ST (Special Trailer) tires are not intended to be used on cars or light trucks. They have stiffer sidewalls and are heavy duty to handle the higher tire inflation pressure required for the heavy payloads trailers may have.

Overloading your trailer tires can have serious consequences as can running on worn or damaged tires. Carlisle, Goodyear and Titan are three of the top brand names.

Goodyear trailer tires manufacture a series of Marathon tires that are designed to make trailer towing easier as well as more stable and more economical. They come in sizes available for boat trailers, travel trailers, pop-up campers, and fifth wheelers. Goodyear strives to deliver dependable higher speed stability, excellent traction and long lasting wear. The Goodyear Marathon is a very well rated tire.

Carlisle†have a wide selection of tires including hard wearing commercial, recreational, boat trailer and utility tires for use on lawn and garden†trailers. Carlisle Tire & Wheel also manufacture a variety of highway approved trailer wheels.

Where to buy trailer tires from?

Discount Tire carries the Goodyear Marathon, and a bunch of Carlisle trailer tires like the all season Radial Trails, Ground Force and the Turfsaver which is a specialty lawn friendly tire. DT also carries Greenball towmaster tires, which are the same tires that costco was carrying.

At this point in time, Walmart does not carry trailer tires online.

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