Comparing Tires and Tire Retailers Since 2003  

Comparing Tires and Tire Retailers Since 2003

Welcome to! We are a website to help you find tires, and find the best places to buy them from. We have a database of 18,000 passenger car tires with prices from major retailers like Costco, Walmart, Sears & Discount Tire. We also have price and selection information from online retailers like TireRack.

You can read our opinions and learn what tires the experts have picked, as well as read reviews from our readers.

As you can imagine, we get asked a lot of questions about tires here, but the same 3 keep popping up. Here are the most common questions we get asked:

Are All-Season tires good enough for winter?

The answer depends on where you live and what kind of driving you do. In general, are you having to drive in cold & snow? If you are, then you want winter tires. All-seasons are made of a hard compound that doesn't perform well on ice and snow.

Winter tires are very soft and make a huge difference in your control, and your ability to stay safely on the road. We all know that snow tires are designed to reduce your stopping distance, which greatly reduces winter accidents.

Do I really need Snow tires?

  • All seasons - If the temperature outside rarely drops below freezing, and you face little snow, which is often slushy when it comes anyway you can look at the all seasons marked by "M+S", meaning Mud & Snow. In particular you should look at your tire for good amounts of siping, which are the little groves on each pad on the tire.
  • Winter Tires - If the temperature drops below 5 F (-15 C), you will want the specially designed rubber compounds of snow tires which stay soft in these cold temperatures. You'll also be seeing enough snow & ice that you'll know you got your moneys worth out of your winter tires.

Who has the best tire Prices?

We recently compared 5 online tire shops who all carried the same tire, and report the prices below:

Costco Walmart Sears Discount Tire Tire Rack
Tire Price $147.99 $161.00 $154.81 $146.00 $131.00
Shipping Free Free Free Free $15
Installation $14.00 Free Free $16.00 ~$15.00

Read the full tire price comparison, which compares both price and selection. If you want to see another price comparison, check our Michelin HydroEdge page which lists all the tire sizes and there prices at different brick and mortar stores.

When Do I Need To Replace My Tires?

There are a few ways of looking at this, but the law is clear, you need at least 2/32" of an inch of tread depth left to be driving. That's the same amount of space as the distance from the top of Lincoln's head to the edge of a penny. So if you take a penny and turn it upside down, and put in the deepest groove in your tire, and you can still see the top of Lincoln's head over the rest of your tread, you legally need to replace your tires.

If you live in a place with lots of rain, or even snow, you will need much more tread than that.

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