Go With the Experience  Kelly Tires

Go With the Experience Kelly Tires

Kelly Springfield Tires have been in business for over 100 years. This fact alone should tell you that this company knows how to make tires that last. The steel belted radial Kelly tires feature isolated tread elements with two steel belts. They also have a positive radial cord. Kelly tires are made from a specially compounded rubber and carry internationally marked sizes. These tires provide aggressive all-season traction with improved handling and a smooth quiet ride.

The Premium Touring tire from Kelly features ventless technology, with a state of the art new generation tread. These tires have four straight circumferential groves. There is a 5 rib design with 3 continuous ribs. These Kelly Springfield tires are heavily siped with full depth shoulder slots. The heavily stylized blackwall comes with 3D lettering to give it an attractive appearance.

In November, 2004, Kelly Springfield announced the next generation of Steer tires. These tires come in standard and low-profile sizes. They feature a wear resistant tread and a compound reinforced steel belt package that is fortified with super tensile steel belts. The lateral grooves on these tires are designed to give you better traction on the roads and extended wear.

All Kelly tires are backed by their guarantee that you will have no hassle in getting the tires repaired or replaced if they are damaged by road hazards, such as nails or sharp rocks. This includes the Kelly Farm tractor tires, as well as their passenger, light truck and commercial tires.

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