From the pages of history come Firestone tractor tires

From the pages of history come Firestone tractor tires

Harvey S. Firestone originally started off by selling pneumatic rubber tires for buggies and ultimately landed up as the initiator of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Division. The company teamed up with Ford, which agreed to use Firestone tires on all its cars and trucks. Firestone tractor tires have made numerous contributions, like the introduction of the universal rim, the first commercial demountable rim and also the first "non-skid" tire tread.

Firestone tires: solving problems The Destination M/T from Firestone is the best model for small tractors. It comes with a square footprint and additional rubber underneath the skid and steel belts. This much-admired tire is noiseless as well. UNI-T is another awesome model from the Firestone Tire Company. It is flanked by a Computer Optimized Component System, which selects the ideal combination of tread design and casing shape. The UNI-T model of Firestone tires has a special O-Bead. This well-developed feature from Firestone provides ultimate steadiness. Another strong point is the L.L. Carbon, which renders extreme durability to the tire.

Some great ingredients: The Firestone's DMR Max Traction Light Truck tire has many vital elements. These tires are built with Durra-Loc 3.0, which resists highway risks. They donít even let mud get clogged, so you can drive in muddy or snowy conditions comfortably. The tire itself is protected from punctures by the Rim Guard off-Road Protector Rib.

So, with these tires from Firestone, your tractor is guaranteed to run more smoothly.

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