Look no further than BF Goodrich all Terrain Tires  

Look no further than BF Goodrich all Terrain Tires

BF Goodrich All Terrain tires were introduced back in 1993. They instantly became a hot favorite for the rock crawling fraternity of four wheelers. These tires are beyond comparison and have been successfully leading the industry with exceptional road performance.

BF Goodrich all terrain construction The engineers were able to create a strong mechanical link between the tread and the rock surface and achieved maximum grip on the inclined slick surfaces. All-Terrain tires get the maximum traction on smooth, steeply inclined slick surfaces because they conform to the texture of the rocks. These tires are equipped with a tread pattern aptly designed to combat off-road terrain and provide a good grip and quiet drive on the road. Light truck tires usually have only two sidewall ply-construction, whereas the BF Goodrich All Terrain tire has three and gets its superior strength and toughness from Tri-Gard three sidewall ply construction. The soft rubber compound is also more flexible.

Additional Benefits The buyers of BF Goodrich All Terrain tires enjoy the unique benefits of instant assistance on and off the road anywhere in the world from the Goodrich Company. These all terrain tires are tried and tested by United Four Wheel Drive Clubs, at the Jeep Safari and Red Rock. BF Goodrich all terrain tires have exceptional traction, long tread life and a quiet highway ride. They are the toughest tires in the market, and are reasonably priced as well. These tires give you the traction advantage and confidence to explore the uncharted wilderness.

If you were looking for an all terrain tire, your search can end with BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires.

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