Winter Weather Tires — Rock On The Ice Easily  

Winter Weather Tires — Rock On The Ice Easily

Winter weather tires are specially manufactured and designed for cold winter season when you face problems with other tires. In winter weather when roads are covered with snow ordinary tires lose their flexibility and that’s why they lose grip on the road. To help in this pursuit, winter weather tire is designed with special rubber compound and special tread. This tire remains flexible in snowy, cold weather and lets you in control every condition to ensure better safety.

Today more and more people are discovering the great benefits of driving on winter tires. Winter tires are continually progressing in technology, performance and traction capabilities. Basically there are two types of winter tires, studded and studless tires, but the studded snow tire is to be avoided due to environmental concerns. The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-Z3 and the Blizzak LM-25 are truly studless tires. These tires are designed with unique Tube Multicell compound and 3D sipes to enhance dry performance and performace in snowy conditions.

World’s biggest tire maker Goodyear is second to none and its line of winter tires is engineered to perform in cold temperatures, as well as in snow and slush. Another choice, the new Goodyear Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology, is not a winter tire, yet it carries many of the same characteristics. Basically, it is a year-round product that doesn’t have to be changed over on a seasonal basis, but it does feature an Ice Zone, which translates into more gripping power on icy or snowy roads.

If you live in the area where winter season is extended and there are snowy conditions, you can easily understand the importance of winter tires. Winter tires will give you that extra traction; breaking and handling you'll need to confidently drive on snow and ice. They have specialized tread compounds (sometimes combined with silica or volcano sand) to handle the cold and wet temperatures. Their unique tread remains flexible to prevent snow buildup and is also far more aggressive than an all season tire. Without winter tires, be prepared for fishtailing on corners and spinning out on that icy hill.

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