Tire Pressure Monitors — Keep Check On Tires Inflation  

Tire Pressure Monitors — Keep Check On Tires Inflation

Tire pressure monitors are just electronic sensor tools that moniter the air pressure of your tire. In the tire pressure monitor, a set of precision pressure sensors constantly moniter the tire pressure and can detect the smallest changes in the pressure while your truck tires are in motion. Improper tire pressure may lead to untimely burst out of the tires and may cause early damage and more wear and tear. Wireless sensors send readings to a driver-friendly monitor panel showing the precise tire pressure or inflation of each truck tire.

Basically, the electronics are a pressure sensor and a radio transmitter (powered by battery) that goes in each tire. The sensor signal goes to a computer chip in the dash and reads out a warning if there's too much or too little tire inflation. This unique system can monitor all truck tires and read tire pressures up to 150 psi. When your tire pressure monitoring system discovers a low tire inflation condition, driver receives both a visual and audible alert.

There are many electronic pressure monitoring devices available in the market, and with their help, your tire pressure is constantly monitored by sensors. The tire pressure monitoring sensors can be up to 100 ft. from the monitor. Installation of the sensors will not affect your tire balance or alignment. In a typical monitor system there are 24 million codes available for security and accuracy. These tiny tire pressure monitor sensors save you money and ensure safety. Improper tire inflation is the leading cause of untimely wear and tear of the tires and can also affect the overall mileage of the vehicle, so your sensor investment can pay for itself in just a few months.

Fleet owners and truck drivers felt the need of pressure monitors for a very long time, but was first introduced about the beginning of the 2002 model year. It was offered as an option on all WJ models except the Laredo Sport. Each of the vehicle's wheels has a valve stem with a pressure sensor and radio transmitter built in. There are different moniters, which have been developed recently, some are battery powered and some are self powered. According to a recent press release from the companies Bridgestone Corp. and Continental AG have joined forces to develop an advanced tire pressure monitoring system for commercial vehicles. The two companies aim to begin mass-producing monitors in 2007.

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