Bridgestone Deep Tread Tires — For Extra Tread Life & Grip  

August 21, 2005

By: David Parker

Bridgestone Deep Tread Tires — For Extra Tread Life & Grip

The Bridgestone deep tread tires have gained much attention these days due to their exceptional quality and durability. Their exceptionally deeper 32/32" tread makes them one of the deepest drives in the industry. Bridgestone deep tread tire is built for long-life and offers better than average traction and grip in rain and snow. According to the company sources, the new M726 EL is built to deliver remarkably high removal miles, lower cost per mile, outstanding traction and legendary treads on tandem drive axle tractors. Bridgestone uses very high quality materials, rubber compounds and construction techniques that are otherwise invisible, but very useful and beneficial for treads once on the road with a load.

It’s not another marketing gimmick, but extra life(EL) is actually a designation earned by its super longwearing, deep-drive technology. There are two factors that give these tires extra life; superior tread compound for increased wear and stability, and better heat resistance. Large aggressive blocks with computer-designed deeper shapes are engineered and positioned to bite into soft surfaces for outstanding wet traction.

Bridgestone’s deep tread tires allows a number of benefits to the users, as it is an ultra-high performance tire that offers more miles along with a nice grip on the road from deeper treads. The tread design is to complement the style and complex systems of today's high performance cars. Deeper treaded tire features an all-position design, deep tread for long life, high scrub resistance and superb wet traction. The tough compound also produces stiff blocks that resist heel-and-toe wear, while the buttressed block shape fights tearing for even more miles of smooth wear. The rubber compound and technology used in the M726 EL is remarkable which make them true deep tread tires. The tire also employs thousands of groove-bottom platform treads to combat stone retention that can lead to casing damage and loss of retreadability.

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