Commercial Truck Tires — For Better Performance  

September 04, 2005

By: David Parker

Commercial Truck Tires — For Better Performance

You can easily understand the importance of commercial truck tires if you are a truck owner. You can select your commercial truck tire from many well-known brands such as Bridgestone/Firestone, BFGoodrich, Goodyear and many more. BFGoodrich has introduced a new commercial tire for on-road and off-road drive, the DR675, which has enhanced construction to hold up under the tough conditions. According to the company, the new tire has four tough steel belts for added protection against road hazards and shocks while improving retreadability. This commercial rig industrial tire is a drive radial optimized to help provide exceptional traction in on road or off road semi trailer applications. The tire is available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes in Load Range H.

Other features are deep 30/32-tread depths for long tread life, aggressive shoulder design with deep lateral grooves for exceptional traction in soft soil and mud, robust 4-belt construction for protection against road hazards and improved retreadability and industrial tread compound tailored to meet the demands of on/off road applications.

Goodyear also offers the ultimate semi tire, the G395 LHS, which allows an industrial rig to confidently mount Goodyear tires in all positions. This commercial tire is engineered using the latest technology; the G395 LHS features an innovative footprint. The edge blades, barrel shape and 5-rib design distribute pressure evenly throughout the ribs and tread, which results in uniform wear and more miles. These commercial rig tires deliver exceptional quality and industrial durability, while providing superior retreadability. The uniquely shaped pressure distribution groove reduces heat and pressure buildup on the edges of the tire. As the tread wears down, angled grooves are exposed. These grooves enhance traction and handling for outstanding performance throughout the entire life of the semi tire.

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