Tire Sealing Gel — Keeps Your Tires Running Always  

September 11, 2005

By: David Parker
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Tire Sealing Gel — Keeps Your Tires Running Always

Tire sealing gel is comparatively latest technology that seals commercial tire tread punctures as they occur. Many great inventions have been made in tire history and now Goodyear tires and rubber introduced a new innovative DuraSeal gels technology, which features a "built-in seal" that can plug a tear. It is a bright yellow sealing gel that, after plugging the tire, can seal and allow truck drivers to continue operating after a tire is punctured. Plugging gels allow the tire to remain in service until it is re-treaded. Steve McClellan, vice president of commercial tire systems for Goodyear, said, “the new technology uses tire sealing gels, solvent-free compound built into the inner liner of the tire. It is designed to consistently and instantly plug punctures up to 1/4-inch in the tread area.”

According to the company sources, DuraSeal technology actually was born in concept passenger-car tires on an electric vehicle. The automaker specified fuel-efficient Goodyear sealant tires over liquid sealants that are used as temporary seal for tire punctures. The built-in plugging sealant means no messy cleanup for each repair, reduced fire risk during re-treading and no negative impact from the plug or seal in tire temperature or performace. This unique technology initially will be available in Goodyear's new Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires.

McClellan also adds, DuraSeal technology offers superior gel plugging and seal efficiency as compared to aftermarket liquid sealants. Mixed service Unisteel G287 MSA and 288 MSA radials were developed for severe-service applications, such as waste haulers, logging trucks, road building and construction trucks where punctures are daily routines. As a result this gels plug sealing technology greatly reduces vehicle downtime and service calls and allows a punctured tire to remain in service. DuraSeal adds only about 5 to 7 extra pounds per tire, and it provides excellent sealing efficiency from –40 degrees (F) to 100 degrees.

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