Goodyear Allegra: a tire for everyone  

Goodyear Allegra: a tire for everyone

Features of Allegra Tires: Goodyear Allegra tires facilitate better handling of the vehicle with less noise and are designed to drive in all seasons with excellent performance and speed. These tires, with wide and flat treads, give long-lasting performance and uniform wear-out. The use of exclusive Permablack Compound Additive extends the tire’s tread life, supports better grip, and adds to the durability. The individual tread blocks, stabilized with tie bars, give a less noisy, more smooth and comfortable drive, with great performance and excellent grip in all weather conditions. The straight circumferential grooves evacuate water, which enables superior hydroplaning resistance. The tread life of these tires comes with a limited warranty of 80000 miles. At the time of purchase, a free replacement certificate is also handed to you.

A Luxury Ride with Allegra Tires of Goodyear: The Goodyear Allegra tire is the ultimate solution for a luxurious drive in your premium vehicle. Its’ highly promoted and featured ComfortTred Technology is a runaway success in the premium luxury passenger tire segment. A ride on these Goodyear tires offers a quiet, smooth and comfortable driving experience with complete peace of mind. Goodyear all-season tires and will provide excellent steering response and enhanced grip to your vehicle, even on wet roads. Benefits of Goodyear Allegra Tires: - Durable and extended tread life - Smooth, quiet and comfortable ride - Better shock absorbent layer decreases vibrations and potholes impact - Maintains the new look throughout the life of the tire - Gives confident driving experience and peace of mind

The Allegra tires are powerful and aggressive yet refined. The end result is an excellent balance of performance throughout the entire life of the tire. This tire with all-season touring radial is durable and has excellent grip.

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