Innovative Tire Electronics — Make Tires Intelligent  

November 27, 2005

By: David Parker

Innovative Tire Electronics — Make Tires Intelligent

There are many innovative tire electronics to sense and monitor tire temperature, pressure, speed or even unique tire and vehicle identification numbers. In most of the cases these tire companies have joint ventures or technology tie-ups to create such tire electronics (generally an electronic company and a tire company work together in their respective fields). Different companies have different products and applications to meet almost every demand by drivers and fleet owners for better safety, less maintenance and convenience. Unquestionably, Michelin has its own reputation and brand image when it comes to innovative tire electronic products. Literally there is a wide range of innovative and revolutionary tire electronic products to sense, test and monitor the sweat and breathe of the tires.

Truly, technology is so advance today that you can do almost anything right from the driving seat. There is no need to come down and check the tire air pressure, inflation, temperature or even tread life. And not only this, but with specially designed electronic parts you can save your tires from thefts and unauthorized use of your tires as well as your vehicle. For example, with this RFID technology, the tire identification number can now be associated with the vehicle identification number (VIN) making tires uniquely identifiable with an individual vehicle. Some other additional features may include, such as telling when and where the tire was made, date of installation, maximum inflation pressure, and more. Basically it has a transponder that consists of an antenna and an integrated circuit that is much smarter, faster and has comparatively high data capacity than a bar code. Needless to say that with latest revolutionary electronic products and technologies, we can add new levels of convenience, fun, safety and comfort to the traveling and driving experience.

Siemens VDO Automotive and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. have jointly developed the new Tire IQ, which is another breakthrough development in the field. These two companies are working together on advanced tire pressure monitoring and revolutionary information system solutions since 2001. This new electronics tire solution allows the driver to easily monitor tire temperature and pressure through an intuitive, color display helping to enable a greater level of vehicle performance monitoring. The system consists of the jointly developed revolutionary Tire IQ passive sensor tag and new miniature antenna molded inside each Goodyear tire.

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