Dually Truck Tires—Increase The Load Capacity  

Dually Truck Tires—Increase The Load Capacity

The trend of dually truck tires is increasing as there is great demand of heavy vehicles in the market. A dually truck tire is well suited in heavy load conditions as in mines and construction sites. Experts feel that there is a great opportunity in the replacement market for larger diameter tires for dual rear-wheeled trucks and not only these tires look great but they are even better for load bearing capabilities. People who have original fitments of 16’ tires in their pickup trucks and vans are also switching to larger and wider tires due to additional benefits and safety. Dually truck owners must also know their tire ratings compared to their actual load. Even these pickups get overloaded and require upgrading stock tire sizes, but they have the added wrinkle of needing to watch for things like being sure the dual tires do not rub together under load.

Regardless of the fact that the pickups tires bear almost 95% of the total load of the vehicle, along with other load carrying on the vehicle, tires are probably the weakest link in the pickups suspension system. Most of the times they carry more weight than that are rated to carry. They are susceptible to load; changing air pressure, heat build up and they contact the road where hazards abound. It’s very important to have your pickup truck and camper weighed to make sure your tires are rated to carry the load you are putting on them.

Recently, BFGoodrich Tires has developed the world's first 18-inch dual rear tires for trucks which are specifically designed to fit dual rear-wheeled pickup trucks better known as a dually. The new dually pickup truck tire is designed as a plus-two fitment size to replace what is currently offered for dually pick-up trucks. Undoubtedly, the BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All-Season is a perfect tire for people looking to upgrade from the original equipment 16-inch tires for more weight carrying capacity or just for enhanced looks. Before arrival of these tires, the owners of pickups were limited in terms of what type of tires they could put on their pickup truck because of the load rating and towing capacity, but not anymore. These tires for pickups have also gained popularity because of good ground control, unmatched all-season traction, loaded handling and comparatively longer tread life.

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