High Quality Tires — With Extra Features  

March 26, 2006

By: David Parker
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High Quality Tires — With Extra Features

When it comes to high quality tires there are many great names such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich and Michelin etc. A high quality tire is the one which has better traction in all road conditions, long life, durability, reliability and excellent service. Although there are many types of specialized tires, all-season or all-weather tires have greatest demand world over. Bridgestone/Firestone is a leader in world tire technology and has introduced a new line of higher end quality tires for passenger cars, higher end performance truck tires, light commercial truck tires, and more. Firestone continually strives to be the best and is constantly improving the quality of their tires. With a combination of Total Quality Control, Zero Defect and Just-In-Time concepts the plant produces and delivers great quality products to suit their customer’s standards.

There are many types of tires such as Run on Flat tires, PAX tires, Tweels, Silent Armour, DuraSeal, Tubeless tires, High Performance tires, Winter tires, Summer tires, All-Season or All Weather tires and many more. When it comes to high quality and reliable tires, some of the top names are Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone/Firestone and Yokohama. So you name it, and they have it. Gone are the days when there were just wheel, tires and tube combinations—these days you have specialized higher end tires for those extra special moments of your life to meet every weather and road conditions. Unquestionably, if you are looking for innovative, high quality and most durable tires Goodyear has its own reputation in the market.

For example, Goodyear's new RunOnFlat technology is based on the concept of reinforced sidewalls inside the tire. When a standard tire deflates, it simply collapses under the weight of the car, allowing the beads to come off the rim and the sidewalls to be squashed onto the road. The pressure totally destroys the tire within a few kilometers. The reinforced sidewalls in Goodyear's RunOnFlat tires keep the tire on the rim and succeed in carrying the weight of the car for up to 80 km after a puncture with complete air pressure loss. Similarly, the Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology is Goodyear's premium highway all-season light truck tire designed to provide pickup and SUV drivers with the quiet comfort of a passenger car and rugged utility of a light truck.

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