Multipurpose Tire Changers—Change Tires Easily  

April 23, 2006

By: David Parker

Multipurpose Tire Changers—Change Tires Easily

The tire changing process may seem a daunting task, but with the help of multipurpose tire changers the process becomes simple and hazardless. With their help there is no need for second person to get involved, as a single operator can change tires of heavy duty trucks, light trucks, SUVs, cars and even motorcycles easily and conveniently. Literally there are countless companies which produce different types of multi-purpose tire changers differing in their cost and complexities and ease of use. A uniquely designed good quality multipurpose tire changer can solve all your tire changing problems. There are many variants of tire changers such as pneumatic tire changers, hydraulic tire changers, handy tire changers, ground mounted tire changers, and more. So depending upon your exact requirements you have great options to choose from.

When we talk about multi-purpose tire changers, then one name which strikes first is Snap-on. Two new tire changer models from Snap-on Tools Company cover a range of tire sizes, types and applications for automobiles, light trucks and motorcycles. Its Workhorse Tire Changer, which is basically heavy tire changer, handles passenger car and light truck tires and wheels as it is versatile and durable. Similarly, other light tire changer is called the new Snap-on Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer (EEWH310A). It is best suited to the specific needs of servicing motorcycle tires and wheels, while also handling passenger car tires. Out of these two, the Snap-on Workhorse Tire Changer is designed to serve the primary needs of tire service shops and maintenance shops, and expected to cover almost 90 percent of the most common tires and wheels.

Some other tire changers are such as: The Hunter TC3500’s exclusive features operate in unison to easily and safely change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels. It is the professional’s “standard,” specified and field-proven by car and tire manufacturers, service shops and racing teams. When used in conjunction with Hunter’s GSP9700 Road Force Measurement System, the TC3500 quickly and easily helps to eliminate vibration problems that balancers alone can’t fix. Similarly, you can also choose tire changer from Gil Coats, which is considered to be the first inventor of the tire changer. It has been continually upgrading and refining its products. And according to the company, Coats is the only U.S. manufacturer and one of the largest suppliers of tire changers in the country. It offers a broad spectrum of tire changer models, designed to meet the needs of small shops that change a handful of tires to large businesses that handle hundreds of tires in a week or even more as they are flexible and adaptable to many situations.

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