Dunlop ATV Tires never flatten  

Dunlop ATV Tires never flatten

The manufacturing ingredients used in Dunlop ATV tires are combined in perfect proportions to prevent the penetration of sharp objects and reduce the puncture effect in the tread area and sidewall. This helps in extending the life of the tire. A built-in rim is also a unique feature of the Dunlop ATV tires. It protects the rim and keeps the dirt from getting stuck between the tire and rim.

A Few Models of Dunlop Tires: Dirt Dog Tires: This variety of ATV tires is constructed to give maximum traction on all terrains. This is achieved by curved tread lugs widely spread for self-cleaning. When cornering, side knobs on the tire obtain added traction and stability.

Scorpion Tires: Any vehicle can be fitted with Scorpion tires. This ATV tire model will perform on any track and in many riding conditions. This would be the choice for any driver seeking a high performance yet durable tire.

Bear Claw Tires: Forceful tread design is the hallmark of this ATV tire from Dunlop. The angled knobs in the tire dig into the road and give them maximum traction. Extra traction and better control is provided by the center lugs. The tire material is so bonded that it is tear and snag resistant, thus extending the tread life and protecting it from blowing off.

ATV Turf Tire: This tire design is suitable for landscapers, golf course supervisors and lawn service workers. These tires are extremely turf friendly and drive over grass without uprooting it.

ATV Mud Tires: These tires are designed for working in muddy conditions.

ATV tires from Dunlop are pure excellence and noteworthy, dependable and durable, and made for all terrains.

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