AMS Swamp Fox ATV tires Reviewed

AMS Swamp Fox ATV tires Reviewed

AMS Swamp Fox Logo Swamp fox tires are designed for mud, dirt & snow. AMS says the tread design and pattern won't bogg down even in the most "difficult terrain". Let's hear what are readers have to say!

Each attribute is rated from 1 - 10, with 10 being the best.

Overall: AMS Swamp Fox Tires - 6 Ply
4.1 Star Rating: Recommended (7 customer reviews)
Dry Traction: 8.7
Wet Traction: 9.3
Mud Traction: 10
Cornering: 6.3
Ride Comfort: 9.3
Noise: 7.7
Treadwear: 5.6
Summary:Most reviewers feel this tire performs well in the mud, but has poor cornering and treadwear
AMS Swamp Fox Tire

Tire Name: Swampfox ATV tires
Date: Jan 6, 2012.
Overall Rating: 4.5
Would Buy Again: 10
Dry Traction: 7
Wet Traction: 10
Mud Traction: 10
Cornering: 4
Ride Comfort: 10
Noise: N/A
Treadwear: 3
I just replaced one front Swamp Fox on a Yamaha Rhino due to tearing at the outside lug which resulting in air leakage that could not be repaired. The other front tire is doing the exact same thing now. This is a pretty well known defect. Reports indicate AMS will not replace these tires.

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