Goodyear Assurance tires – assuring a smooth ride  

May 28, 2006

By: David Parker

Goodyear Assurance tires – assuring a smooth ride

Every driver knows about the role tires play in the smooth performance of a car. A robust tire that performs well on all kinds of roads and under all kinds of weather conditions is an asset. Goodyear enjoys a reputation as the world’s largest tire manufacturing company. Goodyear Assurance tires enjoy a widespread customer base all over the world due to its superlative quality standards.

Assurance tires from Goodyear: the backdrop As previously noted, Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturing company in the world. Assurance tires from Goodyear are produced under stringent quality control standards in the U.S. and other international subsidiaries. The company also produces tires for all applications and specifications, ranging from heavy-duty trucks to sports cars and even the family lawn mower. Goodyear operates in a consumer-centric way, i.e. all development specifications are targeted towards total customer satisfaction and comfort. Assurance tires exceed customer’s requirements in almost all respects. Many facilities of Goodyear across the globe are ISO certified.

Goodyear tires- alluring attributes: The Assurance tires from Goodyear have elevated the company’s technological prowess to a new height. These tires are pivotal around ComforTred technology. This technology offers a quiet, unhindered and luxurious ride. Drivers of luxury coupes and sedans will find that Assurance tires from Goodyear live up to their expectations and sometimes exceed it.

The tires suit all seasons and combine long wear with year-round traction. The ComforTred radials of Goodyear have a symmetric design that works upon a set of densely packed tread blocks. There is a super-shock absorbent rubber layer sandwiched between the tread and steel belts providing insulation from vibrations. The insides of Goodyear Assurance tires consist of polyester cord body and twin steel belts. This imparts strength and durability to the tires. PermaBlack compound finds application in the Goodyear Assurance tire. The compound helps to maintain the ‘new-tire’ appearance throughout the tire’s lifetime.

The central ice-zone of a Goodyear Assurance tire is specially designed to increase traction on snowy surfaces. The average price range varies from $158 to $244. Assurance tires appear in the market in 20 sizes, suiting 14”- 17” diameter Wheels, and carries a 130000 Km. tread life warranty.

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