Michelin Harmony: the all-season tire  

Michelin Harmony: the all-season tire

When you’re driving with your family in poor weather conditions, the reliability of your tires can be a major concern. Will the tire ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey? Perhaps the designers of Harmony tires from Michelin had all these considerations in mind when they designed tires to suit all kinds of weather conditions. Be it a rainy day or a snowy one, harmony tires from Michelin strive to keep all problems at a distance.

Features of a Michelin harmony tire: Michelin tires are armed with independent tread blocks and intermediate tread rib with continuous center tread rib. These provide a strong grip, especially on wet and snowy roads. All these features also help to create a quiet highway ride. As well, the tire has Michelin's Stress Equilibrium Casing with polyester cord body and twin steel belts. The S-speed rated styling of Michelin Harmony tires cater to wheels of diameters between 13" and 16".

Designed to last: The most obvious use for Harmony tires are on family cars and minivans. The tire is designed to provide extra-long mileage and carries with it the 80000 mile limited warranty. The company can boast of exceptional traction in their tires due to multiple variable width lateral sipes and grooves. The excellent wet handling capability is attained by the tire's four circumferential grooves that help in evacuating water from the tire. A varied pitch sequence in the tread pattern ensures a quiet ride.

Exceptional wet and snow traction, extended mileage and a quiet ride are the primary Unique Selling Propositions of Harmony tires from Michelin.

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