Innovative Auto Tires — Tires Of New Age  

Innovative Auto Tires — Tires Of New Age

When it comes to innovative auto tires more and more companies are coming forward with latest offerings to meet ever-expending demands of vehicle owners. Undoubtedly in the area of innovative tires Michelin has performed a very important role. Almost every coming year the company presents something unique to its automobile customers. Generally, an innovative auto tire is made after several inventions and hard work, so it is comparatively more expensive for the car than others.

Although, Michelin Group unveiled its revolutionary new PAX run-flat automobile tires in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2002 when Michelin's innovative PAX System made its mainstream debut for the new car and other vehicles. These PAX tires are not only safer but are long lasting on automobiles. According to an estimate, currently in North America and Europe, more than 200,000 PAX System assemblies are in operation in cars and other vehicles.

The market response to Pax System is great due to its usefulness and safety features for the new car. Michelin PAX System is an assembly of four components: tire, support ring, wheel, and pressure monitor .Generally the system is unique with unique fitments and requires special equipments to even remove the tire from the rim. The unique design of the assembly means the car tire will not be unseated from the rim in the normal operating conditions for a vehicle, even after a total loss of air pressure.

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