Top name ATV tires for great handling in mud, sand, or on rocky terrain with Reviews  

Top name ATV tires for great handling in mud, sand, or on rocky terrain with Reviews

When the weekend rolls around and you are ready to get off road, you need ATV tires that are hard wearing, well constructed and appropriate for your riding surface. You will find a huge selection of discount tires for ATVs, including Mud Tires, Race Tires, All Trail Tires and sand Tires on line at awesome prices.

Tire types

All terrain tires are the most common, and are designed to be used anywhere, and specialize in giving you a smooth ride. They also give you the longest treadwear on hard surfaces.

Mud tires are obviously going to give your ATV a lot more grip and control in the mud, with really deep lugs that angle from the tire center to the sides. Mud tires in general don't give you a smooth ride on hard surfaces, but with so many tires on the market these days, you can look for ones with the right balance for your needs.

ATV Tires

Semi aggressive tires for ATV's

Sand tire treads have big paddles on the back, and aren't good on other terrain at all. These are really specialty tires.

Racing tires are usually designed for medium or hard packed trails, and have lots of smaller bumps in their tread pattern as they are built for speed.


When you need discount ATV tires you will find the big names are Titan, Goodyear, Interco, Carlisle, GBC, Maxxis, Cheng Shin, Sand Tires Unlimited, Dunlop, ITP, and Kenda. There are hundreds of ATV tires, but which is right for you? You can check them all out online to find the best deals and have your new ATV tires shipped right to your door.

Tire Prices

Looking at tire prices? For a set of 4 tires, even with the discount for buying all 4 at once, your easily looking at $200. If you need mud tires, your going to be paying a bit more than that. Here's a list of popular all terrain and mud tires for ATV's in the popular 25-8-12 front tire size.

NamePrice Rate Reviews
AMS Swamp Fox$55Rate this tireSwamp Fox Reviews
Bridgestone Dirt Hooks$65 Rate this tire
Bridgestone Mud Hooks$90 Rate this tire
Carlisle ACT Radial$75 Rate this tire
Carlisle AT 489$55Rate this tire
Carlisle Badlands XTR$75 Rate this tire
GBC Gator ATV$60Rate this tire
GBC Dirt Devil$55Rate this tireDirt Devils Reviews
Goodyear Mud Runner$85 Rate this tire
Goodyear Tracker$65Rate this tire
Goodyear Rawhide$90Rate this tireRawhide Grip Reviews
Interco Vampire$73Rate this tire
Interco Super Swamper$53 Rate this tire
Interco Swamp lite$55 Rate this tireSwamp Lite
ITP 589 M/S$76Rate this tire
ITP Holeshot ATR$80Rate this tire
ITP Mud Lite$56Rate this tireMud Lite Reviews
ITP Deep Lug XL$60Rate this tire
ITP Mudlite XTR$103Rate this tire
Kenda Bearclaw$55Rate this tireBearclaw Reviews
Kenda Executioner$65 Rate this tire
Maxxis Bighorn$95Rate this tireBighorn Reviews
Maxxis Lightfoot$60Rate this tire
Maxxis Mud Bug$70Rate this tire
Maxxis Mudzilla$100Rate this tireMudzilla Reviews
Titan 589 M/T$75Rate this tire
Titan 489 X/T$71Rate this tire
Titan Sabretooth$59Rate this tire
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