Tire Pressure Sensors — Check Tire Inflation Without Hassle  

August 28, 2005

By: David Parker
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Tire Pressure Sensors — Check Tire Inflation Without Hassle

Tire pressure sensors are a fantastic invention in the tire industry. By enabling drivers to monitor tires for sudden leaks and schedule repairs or replacement, monitors on tires are a welcome development. Undoubtedly, the Doran PressurePro tire pressure sensor is a leader in this field. It is a monitor that displays the precise tire pressure of each truck tire directly to truck driver, right from the comfort of the driver seat. Now when you have pressure sensors, you don’t need to get down to check or remove the valve cap. No checking your tire inflation outside in undesirable weather. With a sensor on each truck tire, and tire pressure monitoring is made effortless.

Another great offering in sensors for tires is from wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies leader Motorola, Inc. In the Convergence 2004 in Detroit, the company unveiled its latest product portfolio of automotive moniters, including pressure sensors for tires, inertial sensors and high-pressure sensors. Motorola’s tire pressure monitors are designed to surpass the governmental standard for safety (NHTSA’s FMVSS 138) for driver warning systems when tire inflation becomes significantly low. The recently passed U.S. standard requires 100 percent of new production U.S. light vehicles include tire pressure moniters by 2008.

The sensor continuously works like your heart in the body. The inflation sensors monitor the precise air in each truck tire. The overall sensor and monitor system is simple and straightforward for both your driver and maintenance department. When tire pressure drops 12% or more, the transmitter automatically sends a wireless signal to the monitors in the cab to alert the driver of low tire pressure in terms of beep sound or visual lighting alerts. You can see which tire is losing air, and how fast, allowing time to stop for a refill or repair before it’s too late. Costly roadside repairs and downtime can be a concern of the past. The actual system monitors your truck tires' “psi” so you can keep your tires inflated and extend the life of the truck tire treads by as much as 35%, according to manufacturers.

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